One of the key challenges we face as church leaders is shifting the culture in our churches from people seeing church and christianity as a spectator sport rather than a full contact experience. 

We have to help people move from just "going to church" to being The Church!

Here's a few quick ways to begin seeing that shift in your church:

  1. Focus on reaching your city
  • This seems obvious, but make sure as leaders that you don't accidently get caught up in running programs and babysitting Christians that you take the attention of your church off reaching lost people. 
  • Disciple Your People
  • If we want to see our people make disciples, we first have to help disciple them. We can do this through different settings like small groups, classes, courses, weekend service series and more. But the key is that you create an intentional environment. A relationally rich environment is the best place for discipleship to thrive.
  • And that's where a resource like "Following Jesus" can really help to serve and assist you with making sure that you people have the basics of discipleship.
  • Involve Your People In The Mission
  • Part of the issue that we face with the general christian population assuming it's the pastors job to reach and make disciples is that we reinforce that by only having the pastor or even key pastors do the training or teaching.
  • Part of releasing your church to make disciples is creating space for the people in your church be given a shot in small groups and other settings to teach other people how to follow Jesus.
  • Even a simple and convicting question for all of us to ask and answer is, "Who am I personally discipling?"
  • Have a clear Pathway of Discipleship
  • Each church may have a different flow, but the key is that you create a simple and practical flow for people to follow so they can get connected to the life of the church and begin the discipleship journey.
  • In our e-course on Discipleship & Assimilation we cover step by step how C3 San Diego sets up our pathway for all new believers and all new guests.

We're praying for you to have wisdom to help your church family fully embrace the call to MAKE DISCIPLES!

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