📢 Unlimited Use of the Following Jesus eBook For Your Church!

Whether you're discipling people purly in the online space right now, in person or a hybrid of both, many churches are finding the eBook version of the Following Jesus book (#1 Best Selling Discipleship Book) is a massive win for engaging for online and on campus visitors and new believers.

Some Churches will use the eBook version of the book in addition to the physical gift fo the Following Jesus book and for some it's a stand alone digital resource.

What the Following Jesus Book Focuses On:

  • Prayer & Worship
  • The Bible
  • Water Baptism
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Sharing Your Faith
  • Loving People

How Are People Using the eBook:

  • Email out the link to the eBook to new guests or new salvations
  • The eBook is already a free gift for each of your church family if your church is using the Following Jesus course.
  • Some have it just available for general download on a "Jesus" page. (here's an example of a Jesus page from my site: (View About Jesus Page)

How Does the eBook work?

  • To provide your church with unlimited access to the Following Jesus eBook, you simply begin a $9.95 a month subscription. (Cancel at any time). With that subscription you now have the ability to send that out to as many of the people in your church as you'd like and make it available for download from your website.

Any other questions on the Following Jesus resources or for coaching on discipleship for your church, please reach out to our team!


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