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12 Marriage Safeguards

12 Marriage Safeguards

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Marriage is a gift from God! It is designed to be the great joy and source of life! If that's true, then why does it seems like it can often be one of the greatest sources of frustration, pain, and often heartache? Why do so many marriages end in divorce? Is there a way we could better set up our marriages to thrive? Are there any ways we can SAFEGUARD our marriage?

We're glad you asked! The answer is yes! Your marriage can be full of life and passion! You can truly have a love relationship that is until "death do you part!" In this book, we share over 20 years of our marriage experience! We'll give you the 12 Safeguards to building a healthy, passionate marriage that lasts!

We want to encourage you not to settle for where your marriage currently is. Or if you're not yet married, don't settle in your mind for a mediocre marriage that you see around you today. Choose to engage God's Word, and apply God's word to your marriage. These principles will safeguard your marriage from the common pitfalls and hang-ups and set you up to win!
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