2 Keys for Men's Ministry and Discipleship Strategies

2 Keys for Men's Ministry and Discipleship Strategies

Traditionally, reaching discipling true men in churches can be difficult. Why? Because men are God-designed to be leaders over just submissive followers. While we all follow someone, as a man, we want to follow a strong leader!

We have this new resource, 52 Bible Verses For Men that you'll want to look into for the Men in your church.

1. Preach to call out strength in the men of your church

It's key that we don't preach a culturally emasculated version of Christianity that tells men to be passive and reserved. Humility and strength go hand in hand.

If you want to attract strong men you cannot preach weak messages.

2. Begin a weekly men's prayer Meeting

One of the greatest things we do weekly at Awaken Church is a 5:30am men's prayer. It's high energy, it's not a complaining pancake breakfast, its a time of group prayer for intercession for key issues in our culture and community, then we do a time of fast hitting God-stories, where faith is built in the room! Then we end with men getting into groups of about 4-5 men. Where they are instructed to step into the middle, declare what he's believing for and then the men lay hands on and pray and prophecy over each other.

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