3 Key Ways Churches Are Using the Following Jesus Course for New Believers!

3 Key Ways Churches Are Using the Following Jesus Course for New Believers!

Pastors and Discipleship Directors,

We're excited about the different ways that churches are taking advantage of the Following Jesus Course for New Believers.

I wanted to list a few key ways quickly that this course is serving other churches and how it may support your discipleship and assimilation process at your church. 

3 Key Ways Churches Are Using the Following Jesus Course:

  1. On Campus New Believers Classes: The easy to access online sessions makes it great to be able to play for a course on campus or in any setting. The facilitator can then lead the conversations and discussions at the end of the video for that week’s session.

  2. Small Group Curriculum for at home or online group study: With your subscription you can have small group facilitators access and show their groups that week's video session in their homes or coffee shop, and then lead the discussion from there. If the small group is online, the group leader can pull up that weeks video and share their screen in zoom to the other people in the online group.

  3. An Online Element in Your Overall Discipleship Strategy: Some churches will use this custom online course as something to be sent to each individual who comes to Christ during on campus or online services. It can be a great initial way to engage a new believer in the basics of their faith and they can go through it on their own.

The course can be a stand alone but is best taken as a companion to the Following Jesus Books, which you can get in English, Spanish, Arabic and more languages coming soon.

The pricing of the course is designed to be functional for all churches stages of growth. To view the Following Jesus Course (Click Here)

Have a great week, praying for your church to reach your city with the gospel and MAKE DISCIPLES!

Samuel Deuth

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