Building a passionate Marriage as pastors!

Building a passionate Marriage as pastors!

My wife and I recently released our new book called, "12 Marriage Safeguards."

This book dives into 12 key things we've learned from experience, our families, and most importantly from God's Word that will build a passionate, strong, and lasting marriage. Get a copy of it here at the link above or on Amazon.

But, specifically in this medium, I wanted to encourage pastors and church leaders to really prioritize their marriage. The strength of your marriage will be the health of your church family.

Learning to make your marriage the most important relationship you focus on weekly will allow you to be strong for the rest of your church family. Just like a great marriage provides stability for your kids, it has a similar effect on the church or youth ministry that you lead.

One of the things we talk about in the book is adding what we call a "coffee meeting" into your week. This is different than your date night. Which we encourage weekly, but even if you can't do that weekly in this season, have a weekly marriage meeting. This will enhance your communication, destress your life, and make those dates more fun and more intimate.

Check out this new book and we'd love to hear from you!

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