Growing Big Leaders Isn't Automatic

Growing Big Leaders Isn't Automatic

It takes massive security as a leader to grow big leaders. It's easy to gather followers who are just "yes men," but to develop big leaders who can carry a larger weight and help to take the church forward requires something much different out of each of us.

The first step to growing and developing big people is by continuing to grow in our personal peace and convidence as a leader. If I am not secure and at peace with my calling, role, and gifting, I will always be in competition with the people on my team.

Just like in the area of finances, we can't see finances as a "pie" that if I get a piece that means i'm taking it from your portion, or if you get a big piece of the pie that means I get less. We can truly live blessed when we see that finances are a river that flows and always has more than enough for everyone. In the same way, as a leader, I need to see ministry and the church as a river that needs endless flow of new leaders and gifting for everyone. Elevating and releasing people into their calling doesn't take away from your role as the pastor and leader.

No matter how amazing of a preacher or leader someone on your team is, they can never replace your role as the God-assigned pastor. Just like, no matter how great your child becomes, they can never replace the role and need for you as the parent.

Look at your team today, ask yourself if you are unlocking new opportunities for the people on your team to grow and level up into their purpose? If not, begin today to create more room and you'll grow bigger people.

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