New Kids Bible Stories! David & The Giant Onion will teach Kids to Trust God!

New Kids Bible Stories! David & The Giant Onion will teach Kids to Trust God!

I'm could not be more excited about the launch release of my 3rd book, but more importantly, the launch release of my daughters first book!

My 10 year old daughter Mercedes is an incredible artist, and so after seeing her draw this super fun Pineapple, I said, "what if we made kids Bible stories from your artwork," she loved and idea and went to work creating the characters for the David and Goliath story!

All the artwork in this story and even in the activity book is her original art! I know I'm her dad, but I'm pretty impressed!

But, enough about us as the authors, let's talk about this super fun and strong Biblical application focused Bible story. As with the Following Jesus books, our heart is to help people know and follow Jesus. These Bible stories carry that same passion. We want to help kids learn to love God, the Bible and be called and equipped to Follow Jesus!

There's also a bunch of fun and memorable merch that will help keep the message of this story front and center in their lives!

Check out the new book! And all the fun merchandise for the kiddos! Also, would do us a favor, after you read it with your kids, would you take a pic and post it?! We'd love see your kids growing in their faith! Tag @followingjesusbook or @mercedesdeuth / @samueldeuth and we'll repost it!

Praying for you as you continue to disciple your kids!

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