Pastor, are you taking care of your heart?

Pastor, are you taking care of your heart?

Like many of you, I've preached many times about guarding our hearts. After all, Proverbs 4 says it is at the absolute top of the list of priorities and that all of the issues of life flows from it.

The question is, are we as pastors being intentional with our hearts? 

Just like offenses can be a key contaminator of our church families lives it can be the same for us. And when a pastors heart is wounded, offended, and bitter, it then flows those dysfunctions from your heart to their heart as they listen to your messages.

So, my encouragement to you today is to be vigilant to forgive. Forgive your family, forgive your past leaders, forgive your team, forgive people in your congregation that have offended or wounded you. It will set you free and keep your sermons flowing in the power of the Holy Spirit.

It's way easier to see clearly to preach and serve your church if your heart as the preacher is clean. 

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