Prepare Your Church For Easter Sunday 2023!

Prepare Your Church For Easter Sunday 2023!

Pastors, we're coming close to the most powerful season of the year where the world stops to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus!

It's also a unique time in most parts of the globe where unbelievers or those with limited religious background are compelled to find a local church to be a part of.

This is what we want to really be ready for! Ready in two ways:

1. Ready your church by stirring them to invite and bring people to church with them. 

Remind your church family that the likelihood of their friends responding to a church invite is drastically higher around Easter. Encourage your church to step out, be bold, and be the invitation!

2. Get ready by being prepared to engage the unsaved and new believer

One of our key passions is teaming up with churches in making disciples. The Following Jesus book and resources will help your church be ready to respond to the harvest that God is going to bring to your church.

If your church doesn't currently use the Following Jesus book and would like a sample, please email us at or if you're ready to order a discounted bulk order, you can go ahead and do that today!

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