The Pastors Marriage is central to the strength of the Church

The Pastors Marriage is central to the strength of the Church



It's so essential that we see our marriage as our first priority and foundational ministry. It's important that we don't see our wife as something we'll work on later once the church grows and is healthy, instead, we must see the strength and health of our marriage as a key driver in the health of our church.

Since the church is the bride, it makes sense that God would want those to lead His church to be developed and showed in the mandate to lead and love their own bride first.

Too many neglect and lose their marriage trying to build the church only to find themselves disqualified because of losing sight of what matters. Take the time, even with the demands of church life, to prioritize being together. Having weekly dates and even daily check in's, coffee, devotional times together, are all massive in keeping your marriage not just "together" but thriving! The greatest way to teach and preach on marriage is to showcase an amazing and passionate marriage. 

Also, men who neglect their marriage don't understand the great value that your wife brings in leading and building the church. Your church needs the full strength of the voice of your wife. Just like in the home, your kids need dad and moms voice. Your church needs both of your voices to be strong and healthy.

Prioritize your marriage, keep it healthy and watch how that brings strength to your church!

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