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The Process of Promotion [BOOK]

The Process of Promotion [BOOK]

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Have you ever felt overlooked? Or maybe like your calling is being delayed or even denied? Well, you’re in good company, because all of the greats in Biblical and truly throughout human history have gone through God’s process of promotion called obscurity. The process of God’s promotion begins with a calling and is always followed by a hidden season of testing until we’re ready for the full purpose that He has for us. There’s no shortcut to your potential, you must go through The Process of Promotion.

The challenge often is that as we're walking through these obscure seasons it's easy to get distracted, discouraged or disillusioned and then quit. But, God designed this season to make you not break you! This season is not because he's mad at you but because He loves you and has a massive plan for you that could break you if you're not ready for it!

In this book, you're going to learn about the nine ways that God uses obscurity to prepare you for your purpose. Each of these areas have been specifically worked through in my own journey over the last several decades of my life. I get honest and personal in how God has applied and work through each part of the process of promotions. The nine ways are:
The Repetition of Obscurity
The Darkness of Obscurity
The Invisibility of Obscurity
The Quietness of Obscurity
The Clarity of Obscurity
The Separation of Obscurity
The Length of Obscurity
The Danger of Obscurity
The Reward of Obscurity

The Process of Promotion is: Calling > Obscurity > Promotion.
I'm praying that you are encouraged as you read this book and I'd love to hear from you after you read the book. Come find me on or on my social media: anywhere with the username: @samueldeuth

May you find God's incredible guiding hand even in the hidden seasons that He's leading you through on your way your purpose and calling!

Samuel Deuth


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