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7 Biblical Principles on Parenting

7 Biblical Principles on Parenting

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Children are a gift from the Lord and you as a parent are God's greatest gift, guardian, protection and preparation gift to your child. There will be other people that play a role in your child's development, but parents have the biggest impact and the most responsibility before God!

This book will look at 7 key Biblical principles from the Bible on how to raise a child. And not just keeping our kids alive or surviving, but we'll learn how to raise, Godly children that are healthy, happy, and successful.

Learn the Biblical blueprint for raising healthy kids:

  • Caring for them
  • Providing for them
  • Teaching and Guiding
  • Correcting and Development
  • Showing them Jesus
  • Empowering and Releasing
  • Blessing Them

We know this will strengthen and enhance your parenting and will set your children up to impact and make a positive difference in their world!

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